Wednesday, December 26, 2007


I have to say this was a great Christmas. My family was all together and it was just wonderful. I think that was really the best present of all. We had Christmas with my parents on Christmas Eve and it was so nice to just have everyone together and be thankful for all of them. Christmas morning was spent at my house we opened presents and opened presents it was fun. My parents came over and brought food which everyone was starving. Dale's mom came over about 4 and ate with us, which that was a first but it was nice.

Lilly has just been great. She's really a good girl. Louie has just been taken with her. He always has to know where she is at all times. She makes a sound he's there checking it out. He has been so cute with her. Now Lila she's like whatever. But Louie has been something. He's a mama dog in male fur. I can only hope everyone has had as great Christmas as we did.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I have to say I'm having a nice time at home. Yesterday I didn't even get dressed until I had to take Louie to the vet. He has thyroid problems and they were adjusting his medicine so we had to go give blood. Or I should say he had to give blood. For the first time he peed in their waiting room. I guess some fancy dog had been there and he just had to do it. He was up to 60 lbs too. I don't think the dog food is working.

When I got back we took Andrea's car to the shop to have it's brakes looked at again. They are starting to make noise or grab again. The only bad thing about having a bug is no one here in town want's to work on them. When we got back she put all the presents under the tree. This time with the small ones in the middle and the big ones on the outside.

Then last night we out to Outback with Bennie & Joyce and where we surprised Andrea went too. Use to be we were old and she couldn't be seen with us I guess College has made a huge difference to her about us or could it be she just wanted to eat at Outback..... Sure was good steak.

When we got home lo and beyhold, the mysterious bad beagle(s) had struck again. Now we know it's couldn't be Louie or Lila they are too sweet and good I'm sure they tried to fight off the bad beagle and protect the presents. Hmmmmm......presents were everywhere in the living room, one torn to shreads. Here a present there a present. I think we or Andrea rewrapped about 5. Some day we're going to have to catch that mysterious bad beagle.

If we had a cat I know Louie and Lila would say I swear it's the cat he did it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Louie Man

Yesterday was a hard day for us. Louie Man had another seizure. He's been having them about every 3 months. I've talked to the vet about it and one of them says put him on medicine the other says to just watch him and if they get more frequent then put him on medicine. I've been through this before with a Cocker I had and the medicine cause him to have liver failure, so I'm really leary about putting Louie on the medication. One minute he was fine sitting with me which he usually doesn't do that and the next he was having the seizure. I guess he knew it was coming. Everytime he has one he always comes to me. I guess I'm mom and he knows mom will help him. Lila came running to help him too so Dale had to keep her away until it was over. They never last but minute but it seems like forever. I just sit and hold him and talk to him until it passes. You just have to keep your hands away from his mouth because he has no clue what's going on. He doesn't have them as bad as the Cocker did but it's never fun. I'm thinking of changing his food I've seen that Science Diet has one for itchy skin and he sure has it now. I guess I could get him itchy skin food and Lila fat girl food. They were really cute this morning the leaves are falling off the trees and they had to check it out to see if something was up there. I think they both would climb the trees if they could. Especially when the squirrel is up there.

And by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! I know you say it's not your birthday but it is.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Early Day

Last night Louie had some issue and just wouldn't sleep. I think finally about 2 I went to sleep then at 5 I had to get up and take Dale to the airport. That was so early. I dropped him off and headed back home and to bed. First Louie was in bed then Lila. So I had 2 dogs curled around me it was really great. Now I know why I wanted a King Size Bed. They have really been being good here lately. Talked to Chan this morning she was doing great. Lilly slept from 10 until 4 this morning. What a good kid.

Chris told me today at work to plan the party again for next year. I had such fun doing the one this year till I can't wait. After today I'm off unit really January 2008. Now that's a first I think since I've been here. I can be a lady of leisure for a few days. Now that's a funny thought we know that wont happen.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It's been really busy at work and home. So finally I have a chance to put my thoughts down. The Car Club Christmas party was fun. And for once the food was great. I think I had the biggest steak I've ever had in my life. Here's some pictures from it. Everyone brought gifts and you picked a number and when it was your turn you picked a gift. Are if you wanted to steal someone else's you went and stole and they had to go pick another gift. As you can see Dale stole a gift. I got the Joyce brought and hid it so I could keep it. It was lots of fun.

Then to the computer problems we got several virus on the computer and I had to have someone come fix it. Now seems we may have to get a new one. And to start Dale was on a tear. But he's better about it now. Just took him a few days.........

Friday, December 7, 2007

Lilly Pictures

Chan and Thomas sent us new pictures so I have to post them. You can already tell that Lilly is getting bigger. Last time they went to the Dr she was a light weight of 7 lb 4 ozs and she's already sleeping all night. Now I myself think thats wonderful mine never slept all night at nearly 3 weeks old. I think it took Chan about 2 years to do that. So here's the pictures.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

HES Party Night

I have to say last night was wonderful. It was a lot of work and I was so tired till I couldn't sleep last night when I got home. But it was a night of magic. The Turner Mansion was awesome. It was totally decorated and just beautiful. There were tons of people there and everyone thought it was great. We had 3 bars set up, Murrays catered, and LHS Orchestra played for about and hour and a half. The Chocolate shots were a big hit too. The Ice deal and the food were great. And the people that served and took care of everything I can't say enough about them. This was like a dream come true. I got to set up the party, spend what I wanted, and have it in a Cinderella house. For one night it was my house and my party. I loved every minute of it. We'll see what I can do next year......hopefully for sure have new shoes that don't hurt my feet!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Fun Weekend

This last weekend was a fun one. Andrea was home so Friday night we saw Enchanted it was different. Part cartoon and part real. But I liked it. It was fun getting to go with her. Saturday I did her hair so she could go to formal at Sorority. I have to say her hair looked really good. This is a picture of her an Ashley that's her big sister in Sorority and Ruth one of her good friends.

Then Saturday Afternoon we were in the Christmas Parade downtown Midland. I don't think I've ever seen so many kids. They were lined down Illinois and then down Wall. Tons of kids.
It was lots of fun. After that we all went to Cattleman's to eat. It's nice getting together with everyone. And yes I had a big STEAK!

Friday, November 30, 2007


Well I do have more pictures to post imagine that. Talked to Chan this morning she was really good thank goodness. Lilly slept just about all night last night. In their bed with them but who cares at least she slept and they did too. That's all that counts. Mom and dad were over for the Cowboy game last night and that was really nice. The dogs had to put on a show for them for a little bit fighting and playing. But other than that they were actually good. Andrea is on her way home for the evening. Then back to school tomorrow for a sorority deal. Other than that nothing much new. But of course the pictures.......

Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Pictures

I have a few new pictures to post. Of course of the baby and the family. Chan and Thomas are doing fine with her. They are now settling in to every day and night with a baby. They are both really good parents. I couldn't be prouder of them. I know they are tired and need sleep. I do remember those days well. They have a beautiful little girl. I know that they have proud grand parents and proud great grand parents. And I must not forget her Aunt Mae. I think Aunt Mae likes her a little bit. I know we will all spoil her rotten.

And the 2 bad dogs so far are being good .....maybe I shouldn't say that too soon I should say they were being good at lunch and my Christmas Tree was still standing.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Beagles Beagles Beagles

Seems I have 2 very active bored dogs. I come home and go outside with the dogs and see some box in the back yard. I went to pick it up and guess what it's a present that has been chewed and destroyed. I go looking for the present and yes there it is. And the present itself is still there. So I head back inside and start looking under the tree and guess what several are chewed and open now. So I put them all up . I'm just thankful I found the one outside. It was Andrea's. So I get everything cleaned up and we go to eat with Sam and Vickie it's Sam's birthday. I figure hey they've chewed and destroyed enough so maybe they will be good. Now who was I kidding. We get back home more presents opened more presents outside and yes they were Andrea's. So now there are no presents under the tree they are all on the cabinet. Then I notice a wet spot on the carpet and I figure Lila has had an accident. I clean it up and head to the bedroom. Then I notice a water bottle on the floor. Chewed of course. I start looking an theres about 4 of them chewed and some still with water in them. Then I remember leaving a carton of water on the floor, I got lazy and didn't put it up. Yep they chewed the tops off of them and destroyed some. Now I know what the wet spot is from. Finally Dale and I start working and here comes Ms Lila rubbing on my leg under the desk with something. I reach down to see what she doing and to pet her and in her mouth is another Dead Bird!!!!!!! I guess she had brought it to me to show off what she had. It was nasty, but she was so proud of it. I yelled at her to drop it and went for a trash sack. At least I know what she was chewing on outside that time. Seems I have a bird dog after all. Beagles Beagles Beagles what to do with Beagles. And yes this time Louie was asleep in the chair so we can't blame this one on him ..............................

Lila Tale

I have to tell you it's great to be back home but it's really hard to leave the ones you hold so dear to your heart in another town. I know she has a wonderful home, husband and child but I do miss her and them a lot. It's hard to be a mom seems your always having to let them go some how. Andrea is back at college and yes that is hard when she leaves. I always want her to be happy and safe. But I can't be there all the time. I guess I need to be 3 different people at once.

Okay now on to the Lila tale. We were home last night sitting watching TV and here comes Lila with something in her mouth. She had been outside. She was so proud of it. Then I noticed what it was and it was dead Dove a huge one. I start yelling to Dale to get it out of her mouth, he in turn yells at me to do it. Finally he tells her to drop it which she did. But the look on her face was like what that's my bird. So Dale took the bird and threw it away. I guess we have a bird dog Beagle. She was so proud of that bird. You never know what our Beagles will bring in next.

I did get my village up which 3 houses were broken. They still look good. I just couldn't get with it yesterday I guess I was tired from the week before. I was glad that Andrea put up the tree. That's just her job anymore.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for this year. I have a beautiful new grandbaby, 2 wonderful daughters Chantel and Andrea. An Chan has a husband who loves her very much and would do anything for us all. A sometimes sweet husband, no really he's great. Parents that are always there for me. And my friends who I can always turn to. Janet, Marianne, Heidi you are all my sisters by heart. An Dale and I have lots of new friends in the car club we're in that we could ask anything of.

I only wish everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We'll all be together in Sachse this year so it will be a little different but we'll all be together and that's what counts. Family and friends enough said.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lilliana's Tale

This is the tale of the newest edition of the Dawson/Chiu family. On November 19th Chan went in to Plano Medical Center to be induced. I was to leave Midland at 9:15 and be in Dallas by 10:15. But due to weather I didn't leave Midland until 10:30 and into Dallas at about 11:30. Finally after I had found my Shuttle which was hiding at the end of the row and after he messed around for about 30 minutes we finally left for the hospital. I got there still with my life because the driver was a wild one so I got there about 1:30. Chan was still in labor but had taken drugs so she was looking great. When the nurse came in and checked her she was at a 10 so it was time to push. I was just going to take pictures but I got asked to help deliver the baby. What an experience. I got to see the head come out and see Thomas cut the cord. Lilly came out yelling at 3:18pm weighs 6 lbs 13 ozs and is 18.5 incuhes longs. She was so pretty and had so much hair. The nurses noticed she had a little cute ear that was different. But they didn't tell Chan about it. I showed it to her. They have run lots of hearing tests and yes Lilly can hear out of her left ear but not out of the right. They also ran test on her kidneys and they are fine. Everything that they thought might have a problem doesn't. Chan was so happy till she cried. They should be coming home tomorrow. Dale and Andrea will be flyingin tomorrow at 7. I can't wait for Dale to see her. She a really good baby and so sweet.

Here's Miss Lilliana Maurene Mei-Zhen Chiu.......

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Day

Looks like November 19th is the day. Chan goes in tomorrow morning at 6 am to get things started. I fly out at 9:15. Dale and Andrea will come Wed afternoon. I hope all goes well. And next time maybe I'll have pictures of Lilly.............

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanksgiving at Work

Well it was Thanksgiving here at work and it was as usual wonderful. So much food and where to put it. I made my travel plans to Dallas for Wed but who knows I may be going Sunday. Dale, Andrea and I are scheduled to leave Wed at 4. This will be a very different Thanksgiving and Christmas. Chan is on a waiting list to be induced. She's 3rd in line. Who knew there was a waiting list for such things. But rest asured when she has Lilly there will be lots of pictures and words to write. Andrea is home this weekend so we get to go do some Christmas shopping tomorrow. I hope to finish up on most of it.

As far as I know the dog's have been good today. I'm sure I'll find out when I go home. Louie I think does things and then get's it blamed on Lila. But then could be Lila is the one and Louie is innocent. If only I had a hidden camera........

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mad Husband

Just got the funniest call from Dale. He was out working and came back home to a chewed up remote which I think now this is the 5 or 6th one that they've chewed you'd think that Dale would put it up away from the dogs, so you have to wonder who needs the training here. But they chewed up the remote and pooped in the living room. He wants to know if I still want dogs. Of course when he came in they both ran outside they knew they had been bad. I think they get mad when they are left but usually its a shoe or paper they chew up. Sorry but I had a good laugh about it. Now do these look like bad dogs......

Monday, November 12, 2007

Baby Day?

Chan called this morning early seems she thought her water had broken but no it's not time yet. She's just ready to have this baby. And we're all ready to see Ms. Lilly......

Lila & Louie

I went home at lunch and the dogs were outside playing or tearing something up. Dale make a mistake and didn't close the bedrooms off so Louie had pulled everything off of his night stand. Oh well. Then They came running in to have lunch with me. I have to say having 2 beagles is an experience. I tell everyone it's like having 10 dogs. They are very demanding. I know they would have liked to go walking but trying to handle them both by myself is impossible. If they see another dog they both go crazy, barking, and acting like wild dogs. I think we have a bad reputation in the neighborhood. If someone is out walking their dog and see us they turn and go the other way. That's my dogs for you.


We had a nice weekend Andrea came in with her friend Ruth. Friday we went to eat with Bennie and Joyce at the Shrimp Boat in Odessa it was okay but I don't see any of use going back. Saturday morning we got up early and met Bennie, Joyce, Sam, Vickie, John and we all headed to Odessa to a Chili cook out at a church. It was fun but by 1 I was ready to go home. We finally headed home about 2. Andrea was calling me she wanted to go shopping. Which we did we I got home. Then we went to eat at Jorges. It was a long day but fun. Sunday I did nothing I didn't eve get dressed. I did go fill out Andrea's bug before she left and I probably scared the guy at the make shorts and flip flops. It was a little cool so I'm sure I looked out of place.

I have to tell you I took this picture driving behind Dale and it looks really neat. He hasn't seend it yet. He thought he was having trouble with his car but seems he could have been out of gas.....

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Of course we have to have a picture of Dale. We have gotten really interested in cars. He has a 55 Chevy and I have a 72 Chevelle. We're in a wonderful car club that we travel around with and just have so much fun. Dale has one several trophies with his and I've gotten 3 with mine so far. And I have to say I do love them both. Now the Chevelle we won on Ebay. I know that's crazy to buy a car on Ebay but we did. We had it shipped from Arizona to Midland site unseen. It's turning out to be a great car. Dale is also redoing a 48 Plymouth that was his dad's. Hopefully someday it will be finished.

Louie and Lila

Of course we can't leave out the Beagles that rule the house. Here's Louie and Lila.


Well this is my first time to do this so we'll see how it goes. I have a great husband who puts up with me and 2 wonderful daughters Chantel and Andrea. Now Chantel is expecting a baby in about 2 weeks so we're all excited about that. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures for everyone to see. And Andrea is at ASU in San Angelo. This is her first semester and it's been and experience. Then we have Louie and Lila the very busy Beagles. Lila like to write her own blog every now and then so we'll see what she has to say.
This is me and Andrea of course Andrea is the young one. And very pretty red head. Then we have Chantel and Thomas. Lilly has not appeared yet so we're still waiting on picture.