Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Wind Wind Wind

Okay today is a breezy day in West Texas. Let's see yesterday was 40 mph winds and today there are brown skies and more wind than yesterday. Now when everyone was talking about hurricane winds of 60 mph they should come here and see dirt winds. Some times it's like Hobbs or Lubbock blow by. It's a contact and skirt alert day today. According to Weather.Com the winds are at 35 mph but if you could see the dirt blowing by and the flag across the way you'd think that's not right. And of course I have to get out at lunch today. I always seem to forget to not put on chap stick when I go out and by the time I get to my car it feels like dirt city on my lips. And you should see days when we get dirt and then rain, it's mud ball city.
This picture has really happened here and yes it's pretty scary to see it coming towards you. If they ever want to train for Iraq they should come to West Texas.

Yes just another fun day in West Texas.

Friday, January 25, 2008


I haven't written anything about Lila lately. I guess that mean she's been good. This morning she had a problem though. I was getting ready taking my time waiting to see if the roads were icey or not. Her and Louie had been gone a while outside so I went to find them. Louie came in the living room sat there with his ears down looking sad so I thought well whats wrong. I started wondering where's Lila. We headed out the back door and he took off running around the corner. There was Lila in the corner of what use to be the garden just standing there looking at me. Then I realized she was caught in something. So I headed over and told her to stay there and not to move. She was caught up in some kind of wire. Where the wire came from I have no idea. It was all caught in her tags about 3 times, around her chest, around her front and back legs. She couldn't move. So I started trying to get it off of her. I finally had to take her collar off and the released the front of her then we had to work on the back legs. Louie was there trying to help too I finally had to push him back out of the way. It took a while but she was finally free. I was worried she was hurt, cut or something but she wasn't thank goodness. You should have seen her jumping around afterwards. She was jumping up in the air and so happy. I'm just glad someone was there to get her out. She could have really gotten hurt. My Beagles get into everything inside and out.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Lilly 2 Months

She is now 10 lbs and 22 inches long.
Such a heavy weight.


Okay lunch today was a typical one for me. Andrea came up to get me about 12:30 or so she wanted to go eat Chinese food. So off we go once she gets here that is. And she did look cute once she did get here. All that work getting ready was worth it. Anyway. We go to the Chinese place and sit down to eat. They never bring us our drinks so I wont eat until I get my drink. I finally had to go ask for it. Then I start to eat the rice gets stuck in my throat wont go up wont go down. I finally got up and went to the bathroom for a while and it finally went down. After that I didn't want to eat but I just ate small bites. It was nice getting to have lunch with Mae. Then we get Dale a to go plate. Leaving the parking lot the red sauce flies off the box and all over the car. I'm beginning to think I should have stayed in bed today..........what a mess it made.

What can I say it's Monday for sure. Is it time to go home yet?!?!?!?!?!

This reminds me of going to Dallas with Janet for school. We had such a good time and so much fun. We got lost and had to pay the toll booth I don't know how many times. Went totally around the loop and back to where we started to find an Outback. We stayed at the nicest place the Renassiance it was top of the line. I felt like the Beverly Hill Billy's at the mansion. It had a door man, our own concerige, you name it. One even while there I had food in my room I was already for bed and I thought I'd be nice and put the tray outside the door to my room. So I'm out there putting the tray on the floor. Click the door locks behind me. There I am in my t-shirt and socks and can't get back in. Lucky for me Janet is a few doors down. I go beating on her door Janet let me in. Which she does laughing of course at what I've done. The guy from the lobby comes up and lucky for me the rooms came with robes. He lets me in my room and has to see my drivers license before he will leave. Yep calmity Jane has struck again. And to this day Janet always reminds me of it. But we sure had lots of fun.

Life takes some pretty interesting turns.....

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I have to tell you that anytime you tell Dale he's been a sleep watching TV he'll no I wasn't I was watching TV the entire time, even if he's snoring he wasn't asleep. So last night we're sitting watching the Car Auction of Jackson Barrett, Louie has jumped into his lap, which he does every night. Lila is sitting with me sleeping. I'm sitting there watching the cars which they are beautiful. We'd love to just go there an see the cars. If I had money to buy them we'd be in trouble because I love auctions. That's how I got my kitchen table, chairs and hutch. We went to an auction I bought them before Dale even knew what was happening. Anyway I'm watching the car auction and look around and there's Dale and Louie sleeping. So I quietly got up got the camera and snap.........he never knew it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Lilly Pictures

We have more new pictures of Ms. Lilly. Just in the last few weeks she has changed so much. It's hard to believe how fast time is going. I guess when you have your own kids your to busy with them to realized how fast the time is going. But being a grammy I get to sit back and watch them grow without all the stress that being the parents has. And I have to say it's a lot of fun. And yes she's smiling and it's so cute. I'm glad that Chan and Thomas post pictures every week. They just live to dang far away. I see a trip coming up before long for a visit.
Andrea got off to college again yesterday. It's always hard to let her go. But she's doing really good in college and I'm very proud of her. It's hard when your kids are away and you can't see them every day. I guess I was lucky and have always lived by my mom and dad. So all this is new and hard to get use to. Dale, Louie and Lila keep me busy though. Dale with work, Louie and Lila with play and getting into things. The busy Beagles they are a hoot.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Louie Tail

As you know my beagle Louie is a character. He has more character than any other dog I've ever had. I think if he could talk he would. And the conversations would be the most interesting things.

Last night was Dale's Birthday, we wont say how old he is because then it would tell my age. Anyway my parents came over to give him his present and at the same time I was setting up their new cell phone. I had the AT&T guy on the phone doing his magic. During all this Dale feeds the dogs, and leaves out the measuring cup I use to feed them with on the counter. Also during all this Chan calls with a question about Lilly and her runny nose. So the AT&T guy is getting to know my family really well. For some reason I turn around and there goes Louie out the doggey door with something in his mouth. And yes it's the plastic measuring cup the magical jumping beagle strikes again. For some reason he has always loved plastic. I don't know how many times he has eaten something plastic and we've had to worry to death it would be the end of him. So I yell at Dale and he goes after him. Dale comes back no measuring cup. Louie comes back in no measuring cup. Dale goes back to the back yard no cup. And yes the AT&T guy is still on there listen. Every now and then I say Hello and he says yes I'm still here. Dale goes out one more time and comes back in with half the measuring cup. Where the other half is who knows. So Louie is in trouble and hiding because he knows he's in trouble. I wonder could this be the dog that opened Christmas Presents not once but about 3 times? The AT&T guy starts asking me about my dog what kind he is that sort of thing. I finally ask him are you done with the phone and he says oh yeah I was waiting for you to try it and see if it was working. And yes he was laughing and I could hear people in the back ground laughing. So I amused the AT&T people and gave them their laugh for the day thanks to LOUIE again. What a dog..................

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What A Face

Now I know this looks like such a sweet, adorable face doesn't it. It doesn't look like the dog from down under. But last night he was. We go to bed everyone is in their places. SLEEPING. Then Louie Jekel attacks. So we're up at 12:30 he wants to eat. And when Louie Jekel wants to eat he sits at his bowl and barks until someone (Me) feeds him. SO he eats. Then about 2 he's in there barking again. SO HE eats. Then about 3 he's in there again barking. SO HE EATS. By this time I'm livid and very tired. You'd think this was a baby like Lilly not a sweet adorable dog like Louie. But finally Louie Hyde appears and goes to bed. Of course I was the only one up with him. Business as usual. So when I get up this morning where is Louie in Bed SLEEPING.
No wonder some nights Lila growls at him.

Heard from Chan today and this was Lilly's first day at daycare. Maybe I need to send Louie Jekel to day care............

Friday, January 4, 2008

Quiet House

Got Andrea off last night to Dallas. That was hard. When I got home the house was so quiet. It's like I have to get use to it all over again. I know she'll be going back to school in a week and that's hard to do too. Kids just make the happy sounds in a house. I'm sure she's at Chan's being a baby hog as usual.....When I talked to her last night I got to here Lilly taking a bath and I don't think she was really happy about it.
The Big Guy came home last night sick. At first I thought he was just grouchy from driving all day, but alas no he is sick. I gave him medicine last night but this morning he's still down. And of course being man he wont go to the Doctor. Now me I get sick I go because I don't like to feel bad. I just talked to him he sounded a little better. We'll see how he is when I go to lunch.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Back to Work

After 2 weeks here I am back at work. But I love my job. Thought I'd post some new pictures.
I have such a good looking family and I love them all so much. There is nothing like Family and Christmas. Maybe that's why Christmas is my favorite time of year. Well that and the presents?????

We definitely had a house full. 3 Dogs, 2 Cats, and 5 adults and 1 pretty baby. But it was fun. Lila and Milly had a blast together. I think they ran circles around poor Louie. The day that Chan left the dogs slept all day. Over all they were good.

I talked to Chan today and she said Lilly has started smiling at her she was so excited. And here I'm missing it. I'm sure I'll have to go see her before long.