Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The weather man finally got one right. It started snowing last night about midnight and continued on until after lunch today. It was so pretty waking up to so much snow. In West Texas we're just not use to snow. Lila was my measuring stick. She went out in the yard and it came up to her tummy, she looked like a dog with no legs, so when we went in the house I got the ruler out and measured her legs, to funny I know. She didn't like the snow and wouldn't go back out in it again. Of course I wanted a picture but she just wouldn't cooperate. Louie didn't seem to mind it though. I guess having long legs helps.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fun Evening

After going to the Doctor yesterday and having my face blow torched well that's what it felt like anyway, I stayed home for the afternoon. Then last night I watched the Westminister Dog Show and Sadie the Scottie won she was so cute. Between that and the Olympics it was a good evening of TV watching with the Dogs.

This last week the Dallas kids got lots and snow and Lilly had her first Snow day and experience. I think she finally liked it.