Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have new pictures to post. I have to say Chan and Thomas camera does a fantastic job. So enjoy I know I did. Chan and Thomas took Lilly to the gardens yesterday and talk about wonderful pictures. Everytime we go or they go it's always something different to see and do. Wish we had this here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dallas Trip

We had a wonderful trip to Dallas last Saturday. Andrea and I headed out about 9 that morning and finally got there about 4 or after. It was a long trip but worth it to get to see the Chiu's. Ms. Lilly is a doll I have to say. She's walking some and just loves to read books. Sunday we got up and headed to the King Tut Exhibit. Man was it something. They had about 7 or more rooms with different things in them. It was like being back in Ancient Egypt. The things they made back then were amazing. Monday morning we had to get up at 5 to take Ms. Lilly to her ear appointment. They put her under so they could check her hearing, it was very stressful I have to say. She has perfect hearing on the left and partial on the right. Which we knew the right would be like that but it was nice to know she has some hearing on that side. Has to be a loud noise but she can hear it. Tuesday we just chilled out and relaxed all day. I think everyone was tired from the day before. I had a bed buddy the entire time we were there Milly the Westie took up with me and she was my bed buddy after that. They have 2 cats which I'd love to pet but I can't because of my allergies. Milly would keep them out of my room at night.
Wednesday we headed back home and I know both Andrea and I were sad to have to leave them. I love going to visit but I hate having to leave.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have to say this year has been the worst for me an my allergies. I think they started back in January and have finally settle down. I've had 3 visits to the Doctor and 3 Medicines. Which one I'm just now finishing up. Usually when I go to Dallas I get sick. But I hope that doesn't happen this time, I'm sure it's from Chan's cute Kitties. I have a new Nose spray Omnaris, and I'm trying that stuff you put on your nose. I didn't go on the car tour Dale did in February to Kerrville because of the cedars popping. Which I got worse anyway here. The winds have just blown and blown this year already. One time I thought the top of the house was coming off. At home I've been lightening the load and have gotten rid of tons of things, I have to say it really looks better! It's amazing what you accumulate over the years. How did we ever live in a smaller house? We just got the carpet cleaned and I bought an Oreck air purifier. We have one of them in the living room and one in the bedroom. I feel like I have a new house. Now if I can just get the dogs to wipe their paws when they come in.......

Spring Break

This Saturday Andrea and I will be headed to Dallas to spend a few days. I can't wait to see Ms. Lilly again. They are going to get her a BAHA head band that has a hearing aid in it. So Tuesday we have to go see the Doctor and she'll get her hearing tested. To do this they have to put her out which I know Chan will not like. So it's probably a good thing I'll be there. I know the last time Thomas had to take her because Chan couldn't do it. Lilly is such a cutie and has started to walk everywhere. She now also has 4 teeth. I love to listen to her on the phone gabbering. Some day maybe I'll actually get to have a conversation with her when I call.