Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ms Lilly

I had to post these pictures. I'm starting to need a Lilly fix. We're suppose to go to Dallas in June and I hope we do. But if the storms keep coming we might not get too. In that case I may have to go with Andrea when she goes in June. Which that is a thought. Hmmm may have to do that if we don't get to go. She is on the verge of sitting up on her own and has found her toes. I'm missing so much. Chan only has another week to work and then she's out for the summer. How nice would that be to be off for 3 months. Maybe in 10 years I'll find out.

Ashley Furniture

This last Friday our car club and several others in Midland/Odessa held a Show and Shine at Ashley Furniture. Now this started as a competition between Amarillo, Lubbock and Midland/Odessa to see who could get the most cars at the area Ashley Furniture store. Amarillo made the commit that they would kick Midland/Odessa's Butt. Well here's the car count, 57 for Midland, 40 for Lubbock and a big fat ZERO for Amarillo. Yep Midland/Odessa won! I'm sure everyone in Midland has heard of the Hot Dog Man, he was there and I have to say his hot dogs are GREAT! We also had our very own Elvis there in Sam Austin and his pink Cadillac. That is some car. You have to see it to believe it. All in all it was a good day. Hot but a good day. Being in the car club we've met a lot of really nice people and we get to see lots of great old cars. Who ever knew that I'd love old cars......

Monday, May 19, 2008


It's time to blog about the car show. Saturday we went to the Hooters Car show. It was lots of fun there was probably about 10 members from our club there. The day started out pretty good it was nice and cool but then the rain hit about 2 and it got cold believe it or not. There were some beautiful cars there. Three others just like my Chevelle, Red with black stripes. They were in the 1960's and mine's in the 70's. I really like my car it's so much fun to drive. I have to admit I do get nervous driving it around but it's fun. We have one member Sam Austin who is such a hoot. He loves Elvis and by the pictures I've added you can see his car is a tribute to Elvis. He dressed up like Elvis and it was just amazing the way people would look at him. We listened to Elvis all day long. I probably could sing about all his songs now. But we had lots of fun, even if we did get wet.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers Day

Last weekend was Mother's Day and I hope all mom's who have worked so hard, working, washing, cleaning, cooking, to take care of their families had a wonderful day. Most of mine was spent planting 30 squares of grass in the back yard. Those little squares were heavy and so far they are doing nothing. At least I didn't spend that much for them. Chan sent me a card and Andrea told me Happy Mother's Day. It was nice having Andrea home, even if we don't see her that much. She stays in her room most of the time. I see her when she needs food or clothing. She's funny. She did get her hair cut and it's so cute, I love it. I did however refuse to cook on Mother's Day so we had Ajuua's Mexican food. I had to go to Lowe's 3 times, once to buy potting soil, once to go back and find my glasses that blew off in the wind, once to buy grass oh and a 4th time to buy more grass. Now if it will just grow.

This was Chan's first Mother's day and her and Lilly looked so pretty. Lilly was dedicated at church on Sunday.She was finally well just in time for Mothers Day!
Chan said she had to have a screaming fit about the time they were doing the prayer. Leave it to a kid to make everyone know they are there. But aren't they pretty together. It's really amazing how fast Lilly is growing. Everyday she's so different.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lilly & the Doctors

Today was the big day for Ms. Lilly. They had their visit with the ear specialist first. She does have an ear canal and a ear drum back there, but it's hidden by bone. They can do surgery when she's about 7 or so but it's painful surgery. To me any surgery is painful. The ear specialist told them to consider just a new hearing aid that is coming out that goes under the skin behind the ear. Something to think about. Then they went on to the plastic surgeon. He said he could make her ear look better but not perfect. He said to also wait until she was about 6. He wants to see how it grows in a few years. He also told them to seek a second opinion on the surgery. He felt it could be done. So we'll wait and see. To me she's perfect as she is. A happy beautiful little girl.

My dad had his surgery yesterday and I hope he's feeling better. They had to slice on his head for about 5 hours getting sick cancer off. OUCH!

And Friday Ms. Mae will be home for the summer. And it's her 19th BIRTHDAY! Am I old or what.