Monday, July 28, 2008

Here's Louie

Okay I have to post this funny picture of Louie. We were taking pictures of Lilly in her new outfit and Chan put a hat on her. Then we decided to put the hat on Louie and he actually let us. He's some dog. We tried to get Lila to do it but she'd have nothing to do with it. This has been such a fun week. And Louie was in the paper today for Pets section. We have a star now. He's laying on the dishwasher door, he could do that when he was younger and lighter. Now he weighs in at 60 lbs. So I don't think my dishwasher could handle him now.

I know I'll be sad tomorrow about Chan and Lilly going home, but I've just had the best week with them. Maybe with them living so far away when they are here we just all appreciate them that much more. And I know Thomas is ready for them to get back. He'll get to see Ms. Lilly crawling now. It's amazing how fast they grow and learn.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lilly Visit

As everyone knows I'm on vacation this week playing with the Lilly. She has been such fun. And she's also started crawling while she's been here. That was so neat. I miss so much till getting to see one new thing was just amazing. Thomas had to stay home so they could get new floors in their house. I know he'll be wishing he was here so he could see her crawling. It was surprise but she just took off.
I've been holding her and feeding her and just enjoying every minute of it. Her Grandpa likes her a little too I have to say. He turns into a big ole softy around her. We had to watch the dogs at first but Louie really likes her he even lets her pet him in her own way. Lila well she just watchs her and stays out of the way. I have to say this is the best vacation.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy Saturday

I was hoping for a nice quiet weekend, now who was I kidding. We got up early Saturday morning and met the car club people at 8:15 and headed to Stanton for a parade. Yes Stanton. If you've ever been through Stanton you'd best look fast. But I think all 2000 residences of Stanton showed up. There were more people and things in the parade than I would have ever imagined. It was fun but HOT! After it was over we all headed back to Midland to On the Border for Lunch. It was a good time. Dale and Bennie hid a Coconut Cream Pie from Sam. He loves those pies and Bonnie Miller made him one and brought it to the Parade. We all had a good laugh at Sam's expense when he went to look for it. After Lunch I went out to Vickie and Sam's and floated in the pool for a while. How nice that was. Their dogs were so cute. They have 3 bloodhounds and 1 sheltland type dog. The bloodhounds would come up and gently put their paws on me, they loved to be petted. I got home about 3:30 and took a nap with Louie and Lila. Then at 6:30 we headed to Odessa with the Patterson's and Austin's for a poker run with the Odessa car club. We went to each Sonic in Odessa and got a card the ones with the best hand won $150. Of course I didn't win, I only had a pair of 3's. During this run at the 3rd Sonic I got out with my purse and sat it on the table by me. Then Dale started saying hurry get your card so we can go, the weather was getting really bad. SO I hurried a little to fast and left my purse at the Sonic. About a mile or so down the road for some reason I realized it was gone so we turned around, my stomach was upset by now, but my lucky Angel must have been riding with me because believe it or not my purse was still on the table. So off we went to the next Sonic with Dale yelling at me over it.

All in all we had a great time, the weather held off which it was really lightning, and I didn't loose my purse!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 4th

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th. We had a busy weekend starting with Thursday before the 4th. I took Thursday off about 8:30 to moved some of Andrea's stuff to San Angelo. We got her an apartment for this year. I was a little worried about it, but the apartment is great. It's really big and nice. I think she'll really like it there. There is lots of security and that makes me feel better. But it's a really nice apartment and complex. They are the Emerald Point Apartments. I think I climbed stairs until my legs didn't want to move anymore. We got back home about 4 that afternoon. I don't know about Andrea but I was tired.

Friday I got up about 6 and got ready for the car show at Green Tree Country Club. We met all the car club people at IHOP for breakfast and then we all headed off to the show. We had bout 10 cars there from our club and it was a nice day. It did get hot about time to go but it was a nice day. I did get 2nd place with my Chevelle and it always surprised me when I win with it. I just never look at it as a nice enough car to win a trophy. But I do have to say it is nice to win. We all headed out and back home about 3:30. !

Saturday I got up and started in on Dale's work he had about 60 claims to get out that was a lot let me tell you. He finally finished them up yesterday. Saturday evening was our car club meeting so off we went to it about 6. There were lots of people there and lots of new faces too. Our club President has a wonderful place. Must be nice to have money is all I can say.

Sunday was spent relaxing and working on more claims. Mom and dad did come over for dinner I always like having them over. Then we were off again to a car club deal at the Museum. They have an outdoor concert every Sunday in the summer. Lots of people showed up with our club and everyone loved looking at the cars.

I think I need a weekend to rest!

I thought everyone would like to see the pictures of Chan, Thomas and Lilly. They are so good!