Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year

Okay I've been lost for a while but I'm back. My kids are all gone back to work and school. So now my house will become very quiet. On the weekends when they all leave I usually have to get really busy so the quiet doesn't bother me. And I can't cry because my husband just wouldn't understand that. He likes to sit in his chair, turn on the TV, and go to sleep. Some how I can't do that. At least I know Chan is back in Dallas happy. But now Andrea on the other hand. She left today crying not wanting to go. I told her we're just to nice at home I guess. She has 4 more semesters left at ASU and then she'll be done. I don't know if I can make it or not. A mom hates to hear her child cry and know she's just not happy where she is. I don't really have an answer for this. I offered a puppy,a guinea pig and finally said if you don't get better I'll make you come home. I think after she gets there and settles back in she'll be great. She's only been there now for an hour. She's the President of Sigma Kappa this year WOW what an honor. I have a President in the family. She's a A&B student and taking 19 hours this semester. What a load that is. Most people take only 12. She's a beautiful young lady that all the ladies with boys at the car club try to fix up. They think she's perfect, loves old cars and football well UT that is, the red hair and blue eyes, 5'8", she's just so beautiful inside and out. She's kind of shy but some day her day will come and that fella will carry her off. Until that day I hope she knows we're here and we want her to be happy.

Your always a mom no matter how old they are.

And guess what I can now make a Coconut Cream Pie!

Monday, January 5, 2009

More Pictures

Chan and Thomas posted new pictures so I have to post them too. They have such a cute little one. I think she'll put them through their paces for sure. Before long she'll be walking then the fun will start. She's trying to say things and before long she'll be talking none stop. Of course they think she never will be she will.

In a few months Andrea will no longer be a teenager. Now that's really hard to believe. She'll be 20. Wow I'M SO OLD..... Time flies so fast anymore.