Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas

It was so nice to have everyone here for Christmas. My great bear, Andrea, Chantel, Thomas and Lilly were all here. We had a really wonderful Christmas. One with my Parents and then one at my house. The room was stacked high with presents. Everyone got lots of goodies that's for sure. Mr. Bear surprised me with some ear rings that you could see a mile away. I maybe afraid to wear them out in public. I always told him I wanted some like the football players wear well I think I got them. Christmas is a time of family and this one has been just a great one. And the best present wasn't under the tree it was having everyone here with me.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Pictures

Some of these pictures are so cute. Louie just let Lila crawl all over him. He such a laid back dog. Last night I was laying on the couch just relaxing and he jumped up and sat there and looked at me I kept saying what. Then he starts pawing me. So I got up to see what he wanted. He then gets on my pillow that was on the couch and lays down and goes to sleep. I was up rooted by the dog. I guess that's what he wanted was his spot on the couch.

The Christmas tree ones were taken at the Turner House. I can only imagine what it was like in it's day.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


This Thanksgiving was the best. All my kids where here and we had a great time. We played with Lilly, went shopping, and toured the Turner Mansion. There is no other place like it at Christmas time. I think I'm about finished with all my shopping now. I'm just ready for the next 3 weeks to go by so the girls will be back for a few days. We had 2 birthdays to celebrate, Lilly turned 1 Nov 19 and Chan will be 27Dec 6th. So we had lots of cake to eat along with turkey, ham and pie's! Andrea also got a surprise a new 2008 Dodge Charger. It was lots of fun that's for sure. Then we had to celebrate a friends birthday at his place. So much food and so little time. And last but not least we had to get Millie dog in her Christmas hat!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Christmas Beagles

Okay I have to show off my Christmas Beagles. Lila didn't mind it so much but Louie hated it. Andrea did good buying the outfit I have to say. She also did the pictures. So now we have Christmas Beagles.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Vicious Lion

How about this vicious Lion!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.....And Millie is in her China Dress.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Life with Louie

Most dogs as you know don’t like baths. Louie now he will get in the shower if you make him but he’d prefer to be dirty. The other day I was going to take a bath and he was laying on his lion like he does. He has had this lion since he was 6 weeks old. It's like his moma, it's a big lion too. I said Louie you want to take a bath. He jumped and looked at me turning his head to the side. So I said come on let’s take a bath. He ran to the bedroom and waited on me. I went in the bathroom and kept telling him let's take a bath. He stood at the door looking at me. I started the water and you’ve never seen a dog run so fast. He was gone before I could turn around. I was laughing so hard. I went to look for him and there he was on top of Dale and looking at me like I was a crazy women. I don't think you could have pried him off of there. Dogs are a lot of trouble but they are so much fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I don't have my pictures yet but when I get them I'll post them. We left Friday morning at 8:30 am. We had 6 cars on Friday. It was a nice trip up nothing went wrong. When you travel with old cars that's a great thing. We stopped in Seminole and then in Tatum. Lunch was in Roswell at Farley's. I have to say Roswell is an interesting place with all the Alien's around town. After lunch it was on to Ruidoso. We stopped at a road side Fruit Stand and got some really good jelly. We finally got to the hotel about 2:30 NM time. It was nice about 60 degrees and NO WIND! All of us went to eat which it ended up there were 28 of us. That was some crowd, one of the biggest we'd ever had up there. Saturday morning we all got up and headed to Cloud Croft for the Great Pumpkin Race. We shopped and rolled pumpkins down the hill. And yes I rolled one too. It was so much fun. I can't wait to get all the pictures. This time I didn't take them the guys did. So I got a break and just had fun. Saturday night we all walked across the street to Mountain Annie's, none of us had a clue what were in for but it was wonderful. We had a meal and then George Staerkel and his wife and a guitar player played for us for 2 hours. They were fantastic. George is the one that originally sang When the Lion Sleeps Tonight and he was awesome. He played 18 different instruments. We're tyring to get them to come here in May for a big car club Founders Tour. Sunday we all got up and headed home. It's fun to go but great to get home to my doggies.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Pics

Okay of course everyone knows about Lilly and this last weekend they posted some of the cutest pictures of her. I know I'm the Grammie so I have to think that.

After this weekend I hope to have some really pretty mountain pictures to post. And a lot to tell about our trip. We want to take the Mustang since the Chevelle is sick. Always something these days with my cars. The Chevelle needs different tires that don't make you feel like your in a big viberator, plus we found out the headers are on the starter. I guess that's why the starter gets hot and wont work. Of course we thought this problem was fixed until we drove it to Andrews with the new tires on it. That's when we knew we'd made a mistake with the tires. It was like holding on to the steering wheel and I mean holding on. So the headers are coming off for regular pipes and new tires or on order. It's only money. The Mustang is in the shop getting it's fender repaired after I hit the dang pole at work. Head up butt moment on that one.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dallas Weekend

Had a great time in Dallas last weekend. We went to a festival and the biggest Pumpkin Patch I've ever seen. There were 20,000 pumpkins and a house made of pumpkins. Lilly has grown so much over the last 3 months. She crawls fast now, has a new tooth and another one on the way and loves her mom. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Okay I've come to conclusion today that I have some kind of bad karma on me. First The mustang gets hit in the parking lot by a big truck. Then recently I got rear ended in the Mustang. Then today backing out of a spot here at work I hit the dang stupid pole. Before that it was in the shop for a battery problem not once but twice. And the Chevelle got hit in the last 3 months but is now at home fixed, some other car hit it while we were having the AC fixed. Luckily for me this last time is the only time that was actually my fault. Yes I did go home and cry when I finally made myself look it. It's already been to Rogers Ford for an estimate of $850. So I think I need some good Karma to come my way.......

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Time To Blog

Okay it's been a while but here I am again. This last week and weekend were very busy. First I got sick sinus again. It's just my time of year to get it. Stupid Grass and Weeds. Then it was time for our Car Club to have their Grand Ole Tour. SO we had to get 75 books together for all the people that came. And yes I had to do it on my sick day. But we got it done. Thursday we went to Odessa and greeted everyone and took lots of pictures of some really great cars, 1930's on up. We had a ice cream and hamburger evening Thursday. Then Friday it was tour time. We took the Chevelle and led about 10 Model A and Model T's from Odessa to the Petroluem Museum in Midland. We could only drive 45 mph with them. The Chevelle really wanted to go faster but we had to led all the little cars. It was like a moma goose leading her chicks to the water. After the Museum we went through down town which was kind of scary with them to Sam's house for lunch. Everyone was so impressed with his house. I have to say it's something. Definitely a guys dream place. Then it was back to Odessa. That evening we had a Style show and dinner at the hotel. The style show had about 10 or more people in it dressed in old time dresses and outfits. It was something. The dresses the ladies had on were just beautiful. Finally it was time to go home I was tired. Then Saturday up and at em again. Back to the hotel for a Ladies tea. We had Greenie the clown come and speak an she was great. She was funny and serious and just so much fun. Who'd of thought we'd all love a clown, but we did. Then it was off to the mall for our car show. There were about 50 or more cars there. There were car games and just lots of fun. Andrea was here so she and I went to the mall for some serious girl shopping. To bad my feet started hurting so bad. Then that evening it was back to the Hotel for the final dinner. We had 2 singers come sing Elvis and Roy Orbison. I know different but they really did great, especially Roy that guy was something.

We had several raffles at the dinner and Andrea wanted this huge duck. She didn't win it and was so disappointed, but the guy that did win called us back and gave it to her, you talk about excited, I've never seen her jump up and down like that. So now Ducky is at San Angelo with her. If she'll ever send me a picture you can see how hug this duck is.

Finally it was time to go home. I think Sunday I just lazied around. What a busy few days........

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ms. Lilly

She has a Tooth! How about that. She's holding on to the couch now standing up I wonder when I go in 2 weeks if she'll be walking. I can't wait to see her. Andrea is coming an going too so we'll just have a great weekend. This last weekend they went to the Plano balloon festival and I've already told them that next year I'm coming to it. I love the balloons. I have to say I've had better weeks started out with an sinus infection so the Dr put me on Clarithromycin which has made my heart race and my blood pressure go up to 158/111. I don't think I slept at all last night. But it's better today. I've already called the heart Dr and the regular Dr so I hope they straight me out.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Seems here lately so many people that we know either have died of cancer are have it. With all the great an wonderful technology how come this has not been cured. Dale called me yesterday from the road and told me Bob Elliott had passed away. Dale had worked with Bob nearly the entire time he's owned his business, and he thought very highly of him. He was a god fearing church going man and Dale held him in very high regard. Bob had faught cancer for at least 2 years. He had been in remission but the cancer returned last week and in a few days he was gone. Dale is not an emotional person but he was yesterday. He works with people every day some are nice some are not, well most are not. So he asked me why is it the nice people are the ones to go early and the ass holes are still here. You'd have to know my husband to know that's just how he talks. I really had no answer for him on that one. The only thing I can say is the good people go early because they are the good ones. The others are left here longer because they aren't nice people. Maybe it's their punishment who knows. I always try to look at things on the positive side and that's just the only positive thing I can think of. Another good person is enjoying a visit with the maker. What an awesome thing that must be. I know I'm not a church goer but I feel I have an understanding with him, we talk everyday and sometimes he leaves signs he's heard me. A rainbow, a rain shower, a butterfly, a beautiful sunset or sun rise. It's all there you just have to take the time to see it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had a really fun weekend. Several of us went to Big Spring Saturday for a flying of the miniture planes. Now I love the little planes, so this was a real treat for me. As you can see from pictures we took the old cars. One of our car club members is also a member of the Air Plane club in Big Spring. I think next year we'll get together and have a joint show of the cars and the planes.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Lou Man

Well Lou Man gave us a scare the other day. I got home late from lunch and could hear him having a fit. So I go into the house and neither of them are in the house. I figured he had a squirrel treed. Once I got into the back yard there is Lila but no Louie. He started barking again and now I know where he is. He's locked in the garage in the back. Seems when Dale left that morning he had to go in there to the 55 and get something. Little did he know Louie followed him in. So from 8:30 in the morning until 1:30 that afternoon, he was locked in the hot shop. Lucky for us he was okay, just very thristy. That evening he decided it was time to be a gopher and dig up the yard again. I once told someone that Beagles don't dig. Man was I wrong. So last night I went to Westlake and bought all the fencing they had. So now Lou Man is banished from that part of the yard. So far so good is all I can say. I have no clue what he's digging for maybe China. It just looks like little trenches all over the back yard.