Monday, April 28, 2008

Dallas Weekend

This last weekend we went to the Pate Swap meet. What's that you ask. It's a huge car swap meet. Dale has been saying how wonderful and big it is for years now. So a lot of the car club people go to work it and we just went to enjoy it. I guess enjoy is the work. It's at the Texas Motor Speedway back lot. Up by the building there was probably about 200 cars for sale. Nice cars all years and types. Yes we found one we liked but no Dale wouldn't let go of the money for it. But he did buy some new glass for the Chevelle. So now we're to get it painted, put new glass in and a new front bumper. It will look great once all this is done. But as we know Dale gets in no hurry to get it done so could be a couple of years you just never know. There were cars there like mine that I had to look at and compare to mine they were lots of money and needed lots of work. Anyway the swap meet part of the deal was on the other side of the road from the building. It was huge row after row of precious junk that was to come someone else's percious junk. I've never in my life seen so much JUNK! Car parts, doors, hats, shirts, trailers, bird houses, cars, trucks, motor homes it just goes on and on. I walked until I couldn't walk anymore.

Now of course the best part of the weekend was getting to see Chantel, Thomas and of course Ms. Lilly. She was so funny and had changed so much in a month. Not much longer and she'll be sitting up on her own. I hated to see them leave that afternoon but it was so much fun getting to see them even if it was just for a little while. She was smiling and cooing at me. Of course she loved her mom and dad the best. And I think they liked her a little.

Andrea had her sorority party over the weekend and the pictures she sent were just amazing. She's gotten so beautiful. Her hair was up and looked so nice and the dress was just a killer. College for the year is winding down and she'll be home on her birthday. She'll be 19. Now that's very hard to believe. Just seems like yesterday I had her and she had no hair. Now look at her. So Beautiful.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ms. Lilly

Some how I missed these adorable pictures last week. I just had to share them. The blue bonnets are in bloom and Ms. Lilly is a flower amongest them that demands lots of attention. I can't wait too see her again. Last time she went to the Doctor she was a heavy weight of 13 lbs 9 oz and was 24 inches long. How fast she is growing. I hate it that I'm missing so much but I'll sure enjoy seeing her when I can.

I finally got these pictures to upload of my yard. It's still early but it's looking up.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Squirrel it's a Squirrel

Today at lunch I was in the back yard with the dogs and Louie found a squirrel. Was the chase on then. Of course the squirrel out ran him and then they had a stand off at the tree. The squirrel was having a jolly time going from one pecan tree to the other while the dog raced around the flower bed at the bottom of the trees. He probably thought stupid dog. I always tell everyone I have huge back yard so I took some pictures to show. The yard is finally greening up and the flowers are blooming. I also took some of the front porch area, it's finally looking up too. What it only took me 10 years to get it that way.......

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lila & the Birds

Last night Dale left the water on and the yard was like a pond. I don't know if you've ever seen those big black grackle birds but I bet there was 10 of them in the yard drinking water and taking baths. I tried to get the dogs to chase them but they looked at me like I was crazy. So I gave up. Then later I went to turn the water off and there's more birds. So I told Lila get that bird. She looked at the bird then looked at me and then slowly took a step or two towards it. Then she stopped and had her back perfectly straight head down and tail pointed out straight, then she lifted her front paw. It was so cute and I was amazed that she was doing that. Then she took another step did the same thing. By now I'm trying not to laugh. After the last step off she went like shot of course the bird flew off but it was great watching her. I have a bird dog in disguise. Louie just stood there and looked at me and then at her like huh.....My dogs are such fun.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lilly & Lila

Last night Dog #1 and Dog #2 did the front porch escape again. So far we have been lucky and they have stayed in the yard. I hope I stay lucky.....

And I have to tell you today at lunch Lila scared me to death. I had gone outside with them it was such a nice day out. They were dogging around. I went back into the house I was sitting in my chair and in they came. She laid down in front of and started acting funny like something was caught in her mouth. I was fixing to reach in there and find out what the problem was and she spit out a pin. I've been sewing and I guess she got one and was trying to eat it! Lucky for me again that could have been a real bad thing.

Now for some fun news here's a new picture of Ms. Lilly and the blue bonnets isn't she a cutie and much prettier than the flowers.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


At lunch today I had to get my camera out and take some pictures of the beautiful flowers in my back yard. We found out yesterday that the pump is out on the well so I hope they stay pretty until we can get it fixed, which should be this weekend. The well guy said could be your out of water but I'm hoping it's the pump. As you can see the dogs had to get in on the action.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Garden Time

I think we tried to kill ourselvers over the weekend. But the flower beds are all clean and pretty and the garden is in. When it starts growing I'll post some pictures. We have a huge back yard and it was a job. When we moved into this house we put flower beds on each side of it and I think now that was a mistake. We have no front yard so the back is our place to be. Louie and Lila helped us out in the garden. I think Louie got yelled at several times. Dale would dig and Louie would have his nose right there in the hole. But so far they haven't dug up any plants. I'm sure they will be in great trouble if they do. Louie has decided Grubs are a great treat....All I can say is yew.....................yuck................I guess if he finds them all then we wont have to put anything down for them?????

I have also redone the front patio area and it looks pretty good. Andrea will be home this weekend and we'll see what she thinks. I need more roses though, I just love miniture roses.

Chan, Thomas and Lilly made a visit to the Gardens in Dallas and I think Lilly is prettiest flower of them all. Next week is her big Doctor visit. I know we're all anxious as to what they find. But it wont be until May 6 until we get the answers.
Whatever the answer is it wont make any of us any difference, because she's beautiful as she is.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Quite Evening

Yesterday for supper Dale and I went to eat at Camabra's I have to say they have the best fajita's in town. On the way home he got a call and had to go to an accident at Snyder and he ended up spending the night there. Boy was the house quiet and then the dogs went to sleep to it was really quiet. I called Andrea and bothered her but she was at a meeting so then I called Chan. They were feeding Lilly so we talked for a while and then Lilly started making all kinds of noises at me. It was so cute. I talked to them for a while and then watched CSI and Without a Trace, finally new shows to watch. The dogs and I went to bed about 10 and then Louie sits on the bed looks down the hall and barks. I hate it when he does that, so I had to go check out the house of course nothing was there but me and the dogs. I read a while and watched the news and then we all finally went to sleep. Now I bought a King size bed so there would be enough room for me, Dale and the dogs, they are not small dogs. I ended up in the middle of the bed with a dog on each side. I was like a hot dog in the bun. But they were good company for me, and at least this time no mud in the bed.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good Yesterday

I was so good yesterday no sweets no popcorn. And yes I got a good nights sleep last night. I guess when you cheat you pay for it. Last night we planted our onions and Louie was very interested in them. He got told no several times. At bed time the dogs came in jumped on the bed and got mud everywhere, I was so happy let me tell you nothing like mud in the bed with you. I knew were they'd been and I knew they were probably in trouble again but it was late and dark so I figured it could wait until the morning. So this morning I went out to check the garden and onions were laying around here and there. I put them all back and I'll check them when I go home at lunch. We've never had such problems before with the dogs. I guess they figure they're helping us plant the garden or maybe they like onions. Beagles what to do with them. They are sweet, lovable brats.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Okay I want to know how many of you have done something that you knew later you'd pay for. My hand is raised. Yesterday morning I had a chocolate donut that's the first bad thing I did for the day. I had already had my yogurt and yogurt drink so I was good for part of the day after that it was down hill. Okay one donut you say that's not so bad, well I had another one that afternoon. Then I went home and if you've seen my husband you know he loves to eat. Last night I tried to keep up with him I guess. We had supper, a stew I made, then he made coke floats, not small ones like I usually do but big huge glasses of it. Which of course I ate....sure was good too, at the time that is. Then about 8 that evening he wanted popcorn. I told myself don't eat it don't eat it. But there I was eating a bowl of popcorn. I know better than to do all this. Needless to say at 4 this morning I was up not feeling well. If I could have been like a dog and gone out and eaten some grass I would have. I think finally I'm starting to feel better but my stomach is still doing flip flops. SO now I'm back on my being good again.....for now anyway.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Petroleum Museum Car Show

Last Friday after work Dale and I went to a car show at the Petroleum Museum. It was a black tie affair which we didn't do the black tie part we just stayed outside in the cold with the cars. But it was a special deal for the Maybee car, at least I believe that's what it was for. But it was so cold and I was ready to go eat, yes I was hungry as usual. But anyway I was sitting in the Chevelle and here comes this little red sports car that parks at the door. I had never seen one of these before so I had to force myself to get out of the car and go take a gander at it. In fact everyone had to take a good look at it. I learned it was a Bugatti. If your like me you've never heard of a Bugatti. SO I had to get on the internet and find out about it. It's made in France and get this the cost is a whomping $1,500,000 now hows that for a jaw dropping figure. I'm not sure who the little old man was that was driving it but he had no date and probably didn't need one but could have had anyone he wanted. I took some pictures that I had to post because how many times do you get to actually see a $1,500,000 Bugatti from France. I'm afraid if I had that kind of money it wouldn't be spent on a freaking car. I'm happy with my little Red 72 Chevelle.

We finally left and I got something to eat........yum!