Friday, June 27, 2008

AC Saga Round 3

Okay if you read my blog you know I've been fighting with my AC now for probably 2 months. We started out just not cooling. So I called AHS they sent out a guy he got it cooling but said you need a new coil. Okay fine. They ordered a new coil which took 3 weeks to come in. So a different guy comes out to put it in. He's in the attic for 5 hours banging on things. He comes down says sorry this one is also broken. Well Duh why wouldn't it be after 5 hours of banging on it. So after much thought we decide to replace the unit in the attic, $3000 for it. I took off last Wed to get this done. Bosworth came out and stayed all day putting it in. I'm sure they were hot up there. They replace the unit, redo the duct work and put in all new copper tubing. So it's in they leave and tell us it may cool it may not, your outside heat pump is not a good one and needs replacing. Okay how much is that $3500 more. So we decide to see what happens. Of course it didn't cool. By this time I'm amazed. So I call AHS again and they send out the most wonderful man. He goes to the outside unit says it has no Freon, fills it up and is gone in 15 minutes and guess what I have cool air again. So now I'm wondering was I just stupid and believed idiots. Hmmm could be. But I have cool air back, so no more sleeping on the living room floor. Hip Hip Hooray!

I've decided this last month has just been my down slid of the roller coaster.

Dale's Computer Died (Finally)
Major Storms for Dale to work so he's on edge
Car Wreck...hurt back and neck
No AC for over a month
Stupid AC Guys (Several of these)
Chan got sick
Lilly Rolled off the Bed (OUCH)
Andreas Laptop Died
Andrea got sick

I'm ready for the up side of the roller coaster.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


If you'd of been here at work you'd of heard me complaining and complaining about my AC unit. I'm sure everyone here is tired of it. About a month ago our AC quit cooling. So I called the home warranty people they sent out a repair man. He goes up and says your cooling unit is leaking. But he left it there and charged it so we could continue to have cool air. Then last week after waiting 3 weeks for the new part, another man came with the new part. I knew I was in trouble when I told him where the AC unit was and he came back down from the attic saying he couldn't find it. I was like holy crap. So he goes back up there and says Okay I'll replace the coil. He was up there for 5 hours banging on something. Then he comes down sorry the new part is also broken. Well no wonder he probably beat it to death. And not only would it not work but he couldn't put the old one back in so we could have cool air. So for a over a week no AC in the bedroom side of the house. We have no windows to open so it's just HOT HOT HOT HOT! Dale can stand it I can't. So he sleeps in the bed and the dogs and I sleep in the floor in the living room, because that side of the house has AC. We have 2 units. Which you'd think that would make your electric bill really high but it actually lowers it. After nearly 2 week of sleeping on the floor, I am by now grouchy,and tired. Tomorrow we're having a new unit put in the attic. During the entire thing I've called and argued and called and argued with the Warranty People and the AC people wont even answer their phone. Until you don't have AC you don't miss it........ The picture Dale took one morning of me Louie and Lila. My bed buddies their not crazy they sleep in the nice cool living room too. I just want my bed back and my AC FIXED!

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Lilly Pictures

Okay I finally have the new pictures we took at the Texas Tour with Lilly, Chantel and Thomas. They turned out so cute. We had the best time. Well at least I did. And I know Dale did because he got to see Lilly and he went riding with the old cars. So we both had a good time.

Andrea went to Chan's this last weekend and got to play with Lilly for a few days. She also went to the Taylor Swift concert. I know she had lots of fun. But she does love her sister and Lilly.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Texas Tour

Last weekend we took a road trip to Waxahachie Texas. We left at 8 Friday morning and finally arrived there at 4 pm. Dale's GPS sent us on a wild trip let me tell you. We went to Hillsboro then to Italy and Avalon Texas. New towns for sure. Then it tried to send us up someone's drive way. I think it was having a confused day. But we finally made it only to get lost in Waxahachie for an hour. I finally spotted an old car and we followed it to the hotel. That was a long time to be in a car driving. And yes I drove down there. Once we got there it was nice seeing all the cars. The oldest was a 1910 and the little man could tell you about every bolt it had. Saturday Chan and Thomas brought Lilly to see me so I stayed there and Dale went riding with the club. He had a blast and so did I!!!!!! I don't have the Lilly pictures yet but when I get them I'll post them. Thomas is slacking on his picture duty. But we really did have a blast. We went shopping, swimming and Lilly just rolled around and around on the bed. She can sit up on her own too. It was a great day!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Okay now I have to post these cute Lilly pictures. The song about me and my shades comes to mind. We're leaving Thursday or Friday for Waxachachie to a car deal but on Saturday I'm not going and I'll get to see the little cutie. I'm so ready for a Lilly day. I know I've been so lucky to live so close to my parents. They have gotten to go to everything of my kids and I hope to do the same with mine. I know I'm missing to much. I can hear her starting to talk on the phone and the pictures are just wonderful. But there is nothing like an in person visit. I want to hold her and kiss her and play with her. I guess not getting to see them everyday makes when I do so much more special. The one that has helped is having Andrea at home off and on. And yes she'll be up there with Chan in a couple of years. But maybe by then I'll be use to the idea.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Last weekend started out good and hot. Saturday Dale's mom moved to Austin. To me it was sad but a good thing. She'll be staying with her daughter Donna. They are going to live in Harwood and have goats, chickens and donkey's. I guess I'm a City Girl because that just doesn't sound like fun to me. But I do wish them the best. Saturday evening Dale, Andrea and I went to our car club meeting which is always fun. It was so hot till we left the old cars at home. Of course everyone else brought theirs so then we were wishing we'd taken them. But with no air conditioning it sure gets hot. Now mine has air conditioning but it doesn't do as good as the new cars do. After the meeting everyone met at the Texas Burger for Ice Cream. That was fun too. I probably didn't need the ice cream but it sure was good. Sunday Andrea and I went to the show to see What Happens in Vegas. It was so funny. I hadn't been to one that funny in a long time. Worth seeing that's for sure. After the show I was headed to see my mom and dad. I was sitting at the corner of Cuthbert and Midland Drive waiting for the light to turn green. All the sudden BAM! a big truck behind me hit my car. Now I have to say this was totally unexpected. I called Dale and 911. We had to wait a long time for the police to get there. By the time he did get there I was so hot and just felt sick. I wanted it all to be over with so I could just go home. The damage to my Mustang wasn't that bad $500 so he got no ticket and at the time I felt fine just too hot. In about an hour my neck was hurting and that night my shoulder was killing me. Now I felt really stupid because they kept asking me your sure your okay and I said yes I'm fine. So now what. I went to the Dr of course they did x-rays which I'll find out tomorrow about them. But I'm sure he'll want to do some type of treatments. The guy that hit me wants to just pay for my car damage and has already called me about picking up a check for it. He didn't want to file against his insurance. I'm so not knowing what to do. I guess I'll wait until in the morning and decide.