Monday, February 25, 2008

Lilly Weekend

I had the most enjoyable weekend. Last weekend I spent it in Dallas and it was so much fun. Andrea drove up with her room mate so we all got to be together. Now Dale stayed home and worked on Sam's car and kept the dogs. Lilly is such a little doll. She wakes up happy and stays that way the entire day. She coos and talks and is just so cute. She's bigger but still a little spirit. She also found her hands while we were there it was so cute. I flew up Friday night which of course my plane was late. But that's what always happens to me. At least this time I checked the flight time before I left the house! It left about 2 hours late. It was so cold when I got there and I forgot my coat so I was cold. Then I couldn't find them in the car. I ended up on one level above them. Thomas kept saying walk this way I would and they wouldn't be there. We finally figured out I was up above them a level. I was about frozen by the time I found them. All day Saturday we just played with the baby. Andrea told me I was a baby hog. Of course I still have my sinus which I wish would go away! But it was such a fun weekend. We took Lilly to Target and bought some clothes and toys and a little food. I can't wait for them to be here in March we'll have to go shopping again.....................

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Jumping Beagle

Well Louie struck again last night. I was in the kitchen doing my Neti Pot thing for my sinus cleansing and he was in there with me. Lila had gone outside to eat her treat. Which he'd just gotten one. I guess he decided he wanted another one. So he jumped up knocked the bottle of steak sauce over which it then in turn started to roll off the cabinet. I tried my best to catch it but when it hit the tile in the kitchen it exploded and went every where. There was glass and sauce every where. It went from the kitchen to the dining room which is a big long area. The minute I started yelling at him he took off for the far corner of the living room and sat there and looked at me. He knows if you yell bad boy at him he's in deep do do. I was down on my hands and knees for a long time cleaning up glass and sauce. Of course Lila had to come back in and I had to yell at her to get back from it. She looked at me like I had killed her with her tail all down. I was afraid the smell from the sauce would make them want to eat the glass that was every where. Finally once it was cleaned up and I was back in the living room, Louie came over to make up. Of course he was so cute, he got in the chair with me and put his big ole head down on my lap and looked at me with those big brown eyes, he knows how to melt a heart that one.

Now that UNO the beagle has won the big dog show everyone will want a beagle. I just hope that they realize these dogs require a lot of attention. When they are puppies they are terrors, until they are about 2 they are into everything imaginable. Once they hit 2 they really do turn into wonderful dogs. Even after that age they are lots of fun and into things. Having 2 beagles is like having 10 dogs. I just hope a lot of beagles aren't bought and then discarded because they are too much trouble. That would be such a shame. They are sweet, fun and loyal dogs. I have to say Louie has more character than any other dog I've ever had. I know he'd love to be able to talk and if he could what wonderful conversation we'd have.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine Car Tour

Last Friday February 15th, Dale and several of our car club members took off on a rainy cold day to Kerrville for the Valentine Day Car Tour. I had to stay home because I've been done with ear and sinus infections. I think the entire weekend it was cold and raining but they all forged on. Dale rode up with Sam and I'm sure they had a great time together. They are like two peas in a pod. They saw lots and lots of beautiful cars. Lots of rain. Lots of good folk and lots of country roads. On Saturday Night they went to a dinner at place we ate at last year that the food was kind of questionable. Let's just say I didn't eat it. Needless to say a lot of them ended up with food poisioning. The ones that did ate some strawberry cake. If you didn't have cake you didn't get sick. So he came home sick and headed to bed. Then Andrea came down with a stomach bug so we were up all night Sunday night. Today I'm about beat I think. But I wanted to post some car pictures. I yes I wish everyone of them was mine.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines Day

I have to tell you some times I wonder why in the world I married my big guy. I think we all have days like that. But yesterday he did surprise me. I got home and there in the kitchen was a big pink bear with flowers, and when you push it's paw it plays You Are My Sunshine. Which that's what I always sang to my girls when they were little. Chan now sings it to Lilly. I wasn't expecting anything because we're going to Cancun the end of February and he gave me money to spend for that. So what a surprise. I love the bear and him (most days that is). This morning he left with the car club to go on the Valentine Day tour we do to Kerrville. I had a empty feeling in my stomach and still do. It's like something is missing. My bad luck is I have a sinus and ear infection so I had to stay here, because I have to get over this before Cancun. He's suppose to take lots of pictures so when he gets back I'll post some.

Just when you think you it's just another day, it turns into something totally unexpected.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Phone Call

Last night I called to check on Chan because she'd been sick with the stomach flu, which I'm glad to report she's finally feeling better. I got the fun of talking to Lilly. It was our first phone conversation of many to come. They held the phone in front of her and we had the best conversation. I had been home sick and it sure made my day.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

10 Weeks!

More pictures to share what a doll she is.

Her Grammie just can't wait to see her again.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Okay Sunday I got up and decided Louie needed a bath. I tried to get him in the shower but no go for him. So Dale had to come wrestle him in there. I scrubbed him good. He looked great when I got done and smelled better too. I think he lost about a full cup of hair. I wouldn't let him go outside until he was dry. So he finally goes out. I'm sitting there sewing and here he comes and sits there looking at me. I nearly fell out of my chair. He is covered head to tail with grass. I drag him outside and dust him off wash him down with a rag. About and hour later we do the same thing again. We continue to do this the rest of the day. I guess it was his way of saying take this for giving me a bath. I had to vacuum the house TWICE!!!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Another 1 Bites the Dust

Well we're not sure which lovely dog chewed up the 20th remote but when I got home yesterday I couldn't find it. I looked every where. Finally I went outside and yep there it is on the side walk nearly chewed to a pulp. So I took it inside Dale wasn't home yet. I showed it to Louie and asked him did you do this. He immediately went and sat in the corner with his ears down. Now this totally surprised me. Then I showed it to Lila and she just wagged her tail like what do you want to pet me or something, I'm cute you know?????? Louie is still in the corner. Dale comes home, Louie runs to him from the corner, I told him the remote is no more. By this time Louie is sitting by him with his ears down. So I showed him the remote again and he starts to shake at that so of course Dale starts baby talking to him. So we have to figure it was Lila but then again Louie does get mad when we leave so who knows. Today I'll go get another one, maybe it's been long enough till they wont remember me.....................