Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We had a great Thanksgiving at my house this year. Chan, Thomas, Lilly, Millie, Doodle, Pepper, Andrea, Tucker, mom and dad were all there. My turkey tried to not get done but it finally did. Next time Ranch House is the place to go for a turkey. But all in all it was a nice day. It's always nice to have the family together. Then we had 2 birthday parties. One for Lilly and one for Chan. Lilly was 2 on November 19th and Chan will be 28 WOW 28 on December 6th. Am I old or what.
When Chan got there I wasn't feeling well and neither was she. Sinus had struck again. Then Andrea got it then Dale. So we just all were sick at the same time at least we were all together for it I guess. We put up the tree and decorated it and Lilly had a great time with it. She's such a little doll and very hard headed already. She loves to paint and color. It's really been nice this year I've gotten to see her nearly every month since July. They'll be back in December around the 23rd then we get to have more fun playing.

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