Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dallas Trip

We had the best trip to Dallas last week. It was so nice to see Chan, Lilly and Thomas. We went shopping one day and shopped and shopped some more. I actually found 1 pair of shoes in my size....yep just one. We walked to the park down from their house and Lilly played on the slides there. It was really funny to see Chan slide down the tube slide with her, I think she was a little scared to slide with her. Then one day we went to the zoo and had a great time. I think I loved the giraffes the best. They were so big, tall and just so graceful. On the trip there we had a 2 hour traffic jam at six flags. Of course I had to go on Spring Break and I guess everyone else did too. Coming home wasn't to bad just about a 30 minutes traffic jam at the exit for the Ft Worth zoo. I'm glad we went to the Dallas zoo. I have to say I really think Dallas has a bigger zoo. Once they get the new part done for the elephants and giraffe I know they do. It was lots of walking. I loved every day and minute of it. And Andrea didn't get me lost this time.....she was a good navigator. Tucker traveled along with us too he is the traveling Westie.

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