Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Here a Mouse there a Mouse

I have to say working at Halliburton has always been fun with different things happening all the time. I've been here like forever seems like, 18 years is a long time these days for being at a job. Yesterday was one of those fun type days. I'm sitting here typing and working and all the sudden a mouse pops out from under my monitor and starts to get on my keyboard. As I pushed back from my desk in surprise saying a few choice words he ran off. Not long after that you can hear Jan in the break room yelling MOUSE this one was in the creamer, guess he needed a sugar fix. They are every where. The building has become infested with mice. Between that and fighting off the flying yellow jackets it's always an interesting day. I do hope though that the mice leave really soon. As cute as they are at the pet stores they are not cute here.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Week of Fun

Well Chan and Lilly headed back home today. This last week was lots of work and lots of fun. Lilly is so cute and I actually got her to laugh out loud during the week. You could just see her changing each day while she was here, it was amazing. Being a grand parent is so different than being a parent, it's like you see everything for the first time with them. You still worry about them, but you play with them and then they go home. This last week though was a wonderful time for everyone. We visited the Easter Bunny, went shopping, went up to my office, had family pictures made and had wonderful days at home playing. Lilly doesn't take many naps during the day so about 5 or 6 she has a melt down and just screams for about and hour until she gives it up and goes to sleep, now this sounds bad but she gets up about 8 takes a bath and goes to bed for the night. Yes the night then she wakes up about 7 to eat. WHAT A BABY! Of course we all wanted to help her when she cries and I think in turn made Chan very nervous and stressed. Chan is a really good mom and takes excellent care of Lilly. She told me I did such a good job with her till that's why and how she knew how to be a good mom to Lilly. I couldn't ask for more.

Louie acted like a moma dog with Lilly and had to know where she was all the time. If she was crying he had to check on her. Now Lila was like who cares, but she was interested in her a little. Their last day here we were all sitting in the living and Andrea noticed the gate was open on the front porch. We let the dogs out there on nice days and leave the front door open so they can go in and out. And yep they were gone. Lucky for us they had only gone next door. I would hate to think of them out there because Beagles have a habit of following their nose.

If was hard to see Chan and Lilly leave but I know they are back with Thomas and happy where they are. Chan loves her job, her husband, her dog Millie and the cats Doodle and Pepper and of course Ms. Lilly.

Andrea is still here so the house isn't so quiet yet. But tomorrow she leaves for college and I will have to get use to the silence again. It's hard to let them go but it's a lot of fun when they are here.....so until next time......I'll be waiting.

Monday, March 17, 2008


This last weekend my grand daughter flew in with her mom and ever since then we have had such fun. She is such a good girl. She's now 4 months old. I had been to visit them about a month ago and since then she has changed so much. She making all kinds of new sounds, rolling over and has the cutest smile. Yesterday we took her to see the Easter Bunny and she just acted like not big deal. She does have a fussy time late in the evening where she just screams. But so far she hasn't really taken any naps during the day, so maybe she's just getting to tired. We all want to play with her and hold her and I'm sure that wears her out. But Chan says she does this at home too. So maybe it's just her Ms. Hyde coming out. I guess she can't be perfect and happy all the time. Her grandpa is pretty crazy about her too. He gets soft and totally taken with her when he's around her. As you can tell from the pictuer they did nap together for a little while yesterday.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

Okay I have always loved Daylight Savings Time. Why you ask because you get to get off work and still have sunshine. I love to go out back with the dogs and water or work in my flower bed. But this year it started so early till I'm having a hard time with it. Not only am I having a hard time with it but so is Louie. He doesn't get going to bed early and then not getting up until the morning. So we go to bed and then we get up at 12:30. Last night he got up went outside of course Lila follows him. They never come back in like they usually do. So Finally I go to check. There they are under the Pecan tree digging a hole to CHINA! Louie's daddy Dale is going to kill him. I yell at him to stop it and yes there is dirt all over his face. The digger of the family is found at last. Why do I say it's Louie and not Lila well that's another story. Earlier yesterday evening after we'd gone to eat with my parents, I'm sitting in my chair sewing. We always open the front door for them not so they can run away mind you but so they can go on the fenced in porch. On the porch I've made a miniture rose garden, I love miniture roses. (Some days the running away part does cross my mind...) Anyway I'm sewing and I don't see them so I go out to check and there is Louie with his nose buried a foot in the dirt by my miniture rose bush. His face is covered in dirt. I looked at him and yelled at him to get out of there. Of course Lila is out there but her face is clean so now we know whose been digging up my roses. Louie the wonder Beagle has struck again.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cancun Trip

Last week Dale and I went on an adventure to Cancun with some of our Friends. We had the pleasure of going with them and it was a free trip for us. How much better can that be. We drove to Dallas and then caught the plane the next morning. When we got to Cancun it was cloudy, windy and cool. Not what I expected but it was great. The Riu Palace Las Americas was great. It was an all inclusive hotel so everything you wanted was free, food and drink that is. They had several different kinds of resturants, and no one that was there went hungry that's for sure. We shopped and had a great time. At the market the little guys or we decided they were Mayan's because they were shorter than me, but anyway they loved Dale. I don't think any shop we went into that the guys didn't have something to say about Dale's height and size. We all had the best laugh at his expense. He was big boy there let me tell you. The guys went deep sea fishing one day and got sea sick, I think the waves were about 6 to 8 feet with the winds were up the waves were too. I was really apprehensive about going but it was a great trip, one I'm so glad we went on. We drove home Sunday and about Abilene hit the winds we all knew we where back in Good Ole West Texas. So here's some pictures for you to enjoy, as you can tell the ocean was beautiful................